image After a three-year absence, AID FOR AIDS International will be returning to the New York City Gay Pride Parade on Sunday, June 26th.  And we welcome friends and supporters to join in celebrating our return, by walking with us down 5th Avenue and helping us spread our message to a million spectators along the parade route.
AFAI will again be sponsoring a float, ridden by a d.j, who’ll be pumping out music for 20 dancers. Staff members and supporters walking alongside will be passing out trinkets and information on AFAI and its activities. The parade kicks off at noon from 36th Street and 5th Avenue, and proceeds down 5th Avenue to the corner of Greenwich and Christopher Streets in the West Village. 
The parade marks the 42nd anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in 1969, which are generally considered the beginning of the Gay Rights movement. Since 1986, the parade has also featured a moment of silence in recognition of the continuing battle against HIV and AIDS and the millions of lives lost. But over the years, the parade has evolved from a commemoration to more of a celebration. Today, it’s an occasion for having fun and expressing ourselves as individuals and as a community. 
For more information on joining AFAI on Gay Pride day, contact Jonathan Capote at