“We must develop effective policies that allow health systems to take advantage of the epidemic”

  • February 5, 2015
  • News

positivo y negativoOn June 26, 2015 will take place in Spain, the 13th National Conference on AIDS, which will discuss possible solutions to combat the problems of late HIV diagnosis.

“Fortunately, people who develop AIDS are less and less every day, since there are multiple tools, which are good enough to avoid that a person with HIV develops AIDS”, said Dr. Antela.

However, new infections continue to occur every day, and the number of late diagnoses is still relevant, so it becomes difficult to control the epidemic.

“As long as we do not improve early diagnosis and prevention policies, we will need to admit that the HIV is still out there”, said Dr. Antela. “Governments must take HIV seriously and develop effective policies that enable health systems to take advantage of the epidemic.” He concluded.

An early HIV diagnosis means more benefits, which translates as the improvement of the quality of life of the individuals. It also reduces the transmission of the virus to other people, which becomes a huge community benefit.

The opening session of the Congress will focus on the care of the patient with HIV and AIDS as a challenge, and as an example of global health care. In addition, it will present a study called “The emotional impact of lipodystrophy in people with HIV”. Also two thematic symposia will be held where the latest developments regarding the management of antiretroviral therapy will be addressed.

Source: http://www.saludintegraldelamujer.com/el-30-de-los-infectados-por-vih-sabe-que-lo-esta/