Want to do a good deed today? Here’s one that requires only the click of a button.

Oferta Simple, a deal of the day website, will be donating 25 cents to AID FOR AIDS Panama for every “Like” it receives on its Facebook page between now and May 15th.

The money donated by Oferta Simple will be used to fund AFA Panama’s Children’s Program, which serves 275 Panamanian youngsters (ages 3 to 15) who are living with HIV or AIDS. The program provides a wide variety of essential services, including one-on-one counseling by social workers; psychotherapy for children in acute emotional distress; and “play activities” (puppet shows, storytelling exercises, etc.) that promote self-esteem and help give children the coping skills they need to grow into healthy adolescence.

So, please click a button today on Oferta Simple’s Facebook page and help a lot of kids. And pass the word around. Doing good has never been so easy.

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