ViceVersa Magazine Highlights AID FOR AIDS


Every day AID FOR AIDS gains more supporters. A clear example of this is ViceVersa Magazine, whose team published two articles that in many ways summarize our work.

The first article entitled “The big AID FOR AIDS family: Maria Eugenia Maury”, talks about the unrivaled support of the President of our Board of Directors, Maria Eugenia. The article also addresses the work of some of our members who work hard day after day to improve AID FOR AIDS’ programs. Such is the case of Lupe Aguais, Director of the program How Much Do You Know? and Jaime Valencia, Director of Operations. Both of them, along with Maria Eugenia, are important elements for the success of AID FOR AIDS’ programs.

Adding to this, ViceVersa published a second article that takes us back to the beginnings of AID FOR AIDS in 1996. The article talks about our HIV Recycling Program. It also briefly touches upon the story of our founder and Executive Director, Jesús Aguais, and his constant and unending work on behalf of those with HIV in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are very pleased to be featured by Viceversa Magazine, and we thank them for the articles they shared online and on their fan page.

Both articles are written in Spanish and English. To read the full articles you can click on the following links:

The big AID FOR AIDS family: Maria Eugenia Maury

AID FOR AIDS: Solidarity Travels with the Medicine

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