AFA Venezuela was founded in 1996 when the AID FOR AIDS headquarters in New York City began sending donated antiretroviral medications to people with HIV or AIDS in Venezuela. The steady growth in demand for medicine led to the legal incorporation of the organization in 1998, making it the first AFA office to be established in Latin America. In 2000, it was determined that there was also a need to open a program providing comprehensive attention to boys, girls, and adolescents, which is included in our support structure today.

Programs of AFA Venezuela

Access To Treatment Program

This program facilitates access to treatment for people with HIV or AIDS that would otherwise not have access, or to those who bodies have resisted the treatment regimen provided by the Ministry of Health as part of the popular health system, offering them therapeutic alternatives according to the treating physician in Venezuela charged with monitoring and guaranteeing adherence.

Primary Prevention Program “How Much Do You Know?”

“¿Cuánto Sabes?” (How Much Do You Know about HIV and AIDS?) offers training for teachers who instruct boys, girls, and young people in educational institutions, health professionals, companies and organizations, people with HIV and their family members, and to the general public, empowering them with correct and current information about HIV and AIDS, including the development of life skills as proposed by the World Health Organization, in order to promote the eradication of stigma and discrimination towards people with HIV and AIDS. All of this is accomplished by incorporating techniques from neurolinguistic programming. Through the process of incorporating these techniques into your daily life, people become empowered with basic education in order to achieve a better quality of life and appreciate the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Main Accomplishments

Programa ¿Cuánto Sabes?
  1. Docentes capacitados: 139
  2. Profesionales de salud. 50
  3. Agentes multiplicadores en la prevención
    Niños, niñas formados 480
  4. Adolescentes formados. 2.103
  5. Niños, niñas y adolescentes sensibilizados 29.617
  6. Planteles educativos alcanzados 612.
  7. 489 públicos y 123 privados

Our Allies

State of Miranda Government
Regional Women’s Institute of the State of Miranda (IREMUJER, in Spanish)
Maxicar C.A.

Staff and Contact Info

Administrative Office

Calle Ribas, Centro Empresarial
(Torre Chocolate)? Piso 7, Oficina 7D
(011) 58 2127160817 / (011) 58 212 5147947
V (011) 58.212.514.7947
V (011) 58.212.716.0817


Lupe Aguais – Director

Valentina Pérez – Coordinator of Education and Training


Social Networks


To make a Donation in Venezuela

Bank : Banesco
Checking Account: 0134 0035 12 0351042249
To: Fundacion Aid For Aids
Rif: J-305177481