Venezuela – proposal for a National Human Rights Plan

  • August 7, 2015
  • News

garanteOn 14 July, the Vice-President of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, proposed a National Human Rights Plan that includes a public consultation until August 15th this year. In 2011, Venezuela rejected this recommendation of the United Nations Human Rights Council, and now 4 years later this initiative is being reconsidered. This rectification is an opportunity that can help develop a culture of Human Rights in Venezuela.

If we wish to effectively meet the defense and protection of Human Rights in Venezuela, it is necessary that the National Human Rights Plan includes the principles incorporated in the universal standards of protection of Human Rights accepted and legitimized by the Venezuelan State given the agreements signed and ratified in the matter.

The decline of the State towards these obligations usually leads to violations or undue restrictions of Human Rights, as in the current Venezuela. For this reason, so that the plan is recognized in the field of Human Rights, it is worth incorporating the commitments made by Venezuela in this content. Human Rights are internationally protected, are absolute and superior to laws and the political, cultural and economic systems, and are universal.

On the other hand, this proposal for a National Plan, since it wasn’t written with a wide participation of the country’s Human Rights organizations, leaves out the participation of civil society. It is obvious that without the participation of the civil society, this proposal is exclusionary and contradicts the sense of any Human Rights Plan, and it violates the fundamental right to participate.

Finally, this Human Rights Plan requires a conducive environment for discussion and subsequent implementation. This requires critical decisions such as the opening of political dialogue that includes different versions, the review of the situation of political prisoners, the repeal of the resolution 008610, removal of the denunciation of the American Convention on Human Rights by Venezuela and the compliance and provisionary and precautionary measures dictated by the system.