Using Social Media as a Tool to Reach and Benefit Latino Gay Couples

  • April 28, 2014
  • News

Foto Estudio LatinosWe are so proud that two members of the AID FOR AIDS family, Jonathan Capote, AID FOR AIDS Case Manager, and Zach Schultz, previously a Communications and Development Associate, were able to contribute to a study by Columbia University to better understand an issue facing an important, yet underserved, group in our society: Latin Gay Couples.

Internet access has almost become a must in our society. More than 40% of the global population uses the Internet at least once a day, which means a huge number of people are using this worldwide technology. The study set out to understand how social media could be used to reach a population that is generally claimed to be ‘hard to reach’. The research highlighted the importance of incorporating communication technologies into the recruitment and engagement of participants in HIV interventions. It particularly highlighted, through the social media strategy’s recruitment success with Spanish-speaking Latino MSM that this population is not particularly “hard to reach”.

The success of the project makes us very happy and we hope we can continue working in partnership with Columbia University in future projects. AFA also wants to once again congratulate Jonathan Capote and Zach Schultz for their tireless work and dedication in this type of activity, which undoubtedly create a positive impact within our society.

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