Together, Saving Lives..

  • February 22, 2013
  • News

NEW YORK – With more than five years of support from Community, A Walgreens Pharmacy (formerly Bioscrip), AID FOR AIDS (AFA) would like to take a moment to look back at what has been accomplished through this partnership and to express our deep gratitude.


  •In 2012, the HIV Medicine Recycling Program received over $7 million of donated medicine, of which 809 bottles valued at around $800,000 were collected through nine Community drop-off locations.
  •The AIDS Treatment Access Program (ATAP) then redistributed the donated medications to beneficiaries in over 40 countries, providing comprehensive treatment on a monthly basis for more than 370 people enrolled in the program.
  •AFA staff members conducted 490 HIV tests at Community’s Chelsea location in 2012. Of these, eight individuals tested positive and after becoming aware of their status were given support and referral services to begin treatment immediately.

Due to the collaboration of efforts between Community and AID FOR AIDS, the impact at both the local and global levels has been significant. This partnership has not only helped provide access to treatment and medication for people in need around the world, it has also helped to curb the epidemic at home by equipping people with knowledge and awareness.
AID FOR AIDS is incredibly thankful for the ongoing support received from Community, and we look forward to building upon our partnership and future accomplishments together! To locate a Community, as well as other drop-off locations, please visit


AID FOR AIDS International is a non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life of people with HIV or AIDS in the developing world as well as for immigrants with HIV in the United States. Since its inception, AID FOR AIDS has grown from a simple idea into the largest redistribution program of HIV medication in the world. With the ongoing commitment of partners like Community, A Walgreens Pharmacy, we have been able to deliver nearly $90 million worth of medication to those without access in over 40 countries worldwide, saving over 15,000 lives. To learn more about AID FOR AIDS, visit our website here.  For more information on our HIV Medicine Recycling Program, follow this link.