This is a call for Help!

  • April 13, 2011
  • News

This is an URGENT call for help to all of you out there!As you know, AFAI has developed the most successful Recycling Program of Antiretroviral medication that has changed the lives of thousands of people living with HIV in extreme need for hope around the world. This program however, is faced with many challenges as a result of many factors out of our reach. This is the time when we really need YOU to support us by collecting or donating unused, unexpired HIV medicines. The following medications are the most urgently needed:

  •  Atripla 600/300/200mg
  •  Sustiva 600mg
  •  Truvada 300/200mg
  •  Combivir 300/150mg

  •  Epivir 300mg
  •  Fuzeon 90mg
  •  Intelence 100mg
  •  Isentress 400mg
  •  Kaletra 200/50mg
  •  Prezista 600mg
  •  Retrovir 300mg
  •  Viramune 200mg
  •  Viread 300mg

Please contact us

for your medicine donations.