The Global Fund and the resources to fight HIV in Latin America

  • September 3, 2015
  • News

JuntosThe Partnership Forum of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria is to be done in Argentina. During the forum it is expected to address issues such as the funds needed to fight the epidemic.

It is of utmost importance to commit financial resources to achieve an effective HIV response in the countries of Latin America. Therefore, once the countries count on the economic resources, financing to achieve established goals must be a priority.

An issue which should be discussed thoroughly is the close of the Global Fund and its donors in some countries of Latin America. Many countries have been classified as middle income by the World Bank, a parameter that is inappropriate for measuring poverty and its consequences on populations at higher risk and vulnerability, as it hides the socioeconomic inequality.

This factor is damaging the international investment in health and thus, the ability of some countries to effectively respond to the epidemic. We will have as a consequence then, that the abrupt, unpredictable close of the Global Fund, will only put at risk the achieved goals in terms of better health systems, community systems and advances in epidemiological and health outcomes.

The real solution is that the Global Fund increases investment in issues such as the promotion and defense of Human Rights, the reduction of vulnerability, violence and discrimination against women, boys, girls, children, orphans, trans people, sex workers, gay men and other men who have sex with men, drug users and other vulnerable and key populations.

In the new strategy, the priority must not only be focused on overcoming bottlenecks of the programs of the Global Fund, but also prioritize the construction of a sustainable local capacity in the field of health systems and community.

Civil society organizations demand that the mentioned points are considered by all stakeholders and partners in the discussion of the next strategy, but especially they expect that the concrete support of the delegation of Governments of Latin America and the Caribbean, NGOs and communities in the Board of the Global Fund.