The bike you were waiting for is here!

  • February 12, 2014
  • News


IMG-20140212-WA0012AID FOR AIDS, Mexican designer Ricardo Seco and “Rock and Ruedas” are proud to launch the campaign “Mexico Sobre Ruedas” [Mexico on Wheels]. This new effort seeks to raise crucial funds to support the work of AID FOR AIDS as well as to benefit the Huicholes, an indigenous community in Mexico, through the sales of uniquely designed “art-object” collector bicycles and of customizable more urban style bicycles.

Ricardo Seco paired up with the Huichol community to design two bicycles which are one-of-a-kind collector’s pieces. These pieces are decorated with traditional Huichol craftsmanship. The two beautiful bicycles were purchased at an AID FOR AIDS event on Tuesday, February 11th in New York. The funds will help us to continue and expand the work of educating, empowering, and providing hope and lifesaving medicine to people with HIV.

Ricardo Seco also designed customizable bicycles which are available for purchase now! The sleek black frame and handle bars make this bicycle extremely unique, and the wheels can be ordered in green, pink, yellow, and blue. The bright colors are representative of Mexico’s beautiful culture, which is Ricardo Seco’s inspiration. These bicycles represent the Mexico that Ricardo Seco wants people to see: artistic, modern, and culturally rich.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the customizable bicycles, which are available for $800 each, or would like to commission one of the unique huichol bicycles, available for $5,000, please contact Eduardo Guzman at:
*The urban style model is not pictured here.