Thanks for a great AIDS Walk!


This Sunday we had the great luck of spending a gorgeous day walking around central park and the Upper West Side of New York City with some fantastic people. AIDS Walk NY is a yearly event organized by GMHC that raises funds and awareness for HIV and for over 40 organizations in the NYC area.

The turnout at the event was awesome, and the day was perfect. It was a great opportunity to see supporters and friends, both old and new. AID FOR AIDS was there early in the morning to greet the participants, hand out food, coffee and information and to just kick off a great day.

We are so grateful for all the people who were able to participate in the event, both by joining us for the walk and by donating to make our fundraising a success. We particularly want to thank the group from Rabin Martin, as they were a really big part of the day’s success. They raised a lot of money, held a happy hour, and showed up in great numbers on Sunday, with big smiles and energy that lasted until the end of the Walk in the afternoon.

Thanks everyone for another great AIDS Walk NY with AID FOR AIDS!

To see photos from the event click here