Testimonial: Francisco is grateful for the chance at a new life in Honduras

Honduras Testimonial Pic

Our tagline at AID FOR AIDS is simple yet powerful: saving lives one by one. That is why since the founding of the organization, we have collected nearly $100 million in donated, unused, HIV medications and sent them to over 15,000 people, including hundreds of children, in 43 countries worldwide.

Those of us working behind the scenes in the organization don’t always get the chance to see the impact of our work in the lives of the countless beneficiaries around the world. For this reason, we always feel encouraged with a renewed sense of hope and purpose when we receive heartwarming messages from our beneficiaries such as this one below.

Francisco* is a 13-year-old boy from Honduras who was born with HIV. Due to the help he has received from Montaña de Luz, a home for children affected by HIV and AIDS, and the collaboration between AID FOR AIDS and the organization Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos to ship medicine from the US to Honduras, Francisco has been receiving free HIV medication and treatment services since April 2011. Thanks to these life-saving programs, today he leads a happy and healthy life with an undetectable trace of HIV in his body. Here is his story.

“I was born with HIV. Currently, I am a 7th-grade student, and I am studying in a shoemaking shop where I have learned how to make beautiful shoes. Having HIV affects me in many ways, since I have felt embarrassed and scared that others will discriminate against and make fun of me.

AID FOR AIDS has helped me a lot by donating medicines so that I can recover more quickly, and today I feel stronger and happier

Thank you for all of the help and support you have offered me.

You are loved,


Stories like Francisco’s give all of us the inspiration and encouragement to continue fighting the global HIV epidemic and to keep working towards the goal of achieving an AIDS-free generation in our lifetime.  Furthermore, Francisco’s story reinforces our commitment at AID FOR AIDS to eradicate the rampant stigma associated with the epidemic and the discrimination faced by people like Francisco all over the world. You can become a part of this movement by giving the gift of life and being a hero for children like Francisco.  Find out how by clicking this link.

*This is a fictional name used to protect the identity and privacy of this beneficiary.