Speaking out loud sets you free


Thanks to the advance of modern science HIV has become a chronic health situation that can be controlled. However, due to the stigma and prejudices surrounding HIV and AIDS, having HIV could be life-changing. That is why on April 22nd, at AID FOR AIDS New York, a workshop called Speaking out loud was held; the first of its kind. It was carried out in partnership with the Latino Commission on AIDS (www.latinoaids.org). The workshop was attended by a group of recipients of our Local Case Management Program, involving Hugo Ovejero and Leandro Rodríguez as facilitators and representatives of the Latino Commission on AIDS, our Case Management Program staff and the AFA Education Department.

Speaking out loud consists of small, intimate, and confidential groups that last about 5 weeks of activities. In this space, participants can share and reflect on what it means to have HIV in the family, social and emotional field. Furthermore, different tools are provided to confront the stress of revealing or disclosing their HIV status, and maintain healthy relationships at physical and emotional levels.

These activities are aimed at the Latino men community, aged 18 and over, who have sex with men, and live in New York City, and want to voluntarily participate in these sessions.

The objective of this workshop is to provide a space that allows participants to speak out loud about what causes them distress, but at the same time, claim that this will not stop them to meet their goals. This workshop seeks to reflect on your HIV status, and how can affect your future and your emotional fulfillment.

Remember to speak out loud about what happens to you… it sets you free!