Something to reflect on the World AIDS Day

  • December 3, 2014
  • News

World AIDS Day logoThe 1st of December, the World AIDS Day, is a day not only to commemorate all those who, in way or another, have been affected by the HIV epidemic, but it also allows to make more visible the work of all organizations and institutions working hard for people with HIV and their relatives.

Every December 1st, UNAIDS and hundreds of organizations around the world join forces to launch a campaign aimed at raising awareness on the topic of HIV. This year’s campaign is called “Close the Gap”, which is accompanied by a global call to invest more in the next 15 years than in the past, so we can achieve a profound impact.

Goal setting allows activists put pressure on Governments, as well as monitoring, so that goals can be achieved. That’s why a campaign with well defined goals is therefore a campaign with strong fundamentals and good results.

On the other hand, we know that civil society is going through a deep crisis. There are those who believe that civil society will be extinct in the next few years. It is true that there are fewer resources, and undoubtedly this has an impact in many ways. Luckily, there is an interesting combination of emerging leaders, organizations and new tactics. Also, a tough leadership is also emerging, mostly consisting of key populations, whose struggle goes beyond medication. There is enough raw material, we just need a little more of coordination.

Financing is also gradually running out. If we live in a middle-income country, we can see how the investment of international cooperation is gone. There are those who complain and those who are focusing on getting our countries to pay the account of the response with local funds. The good news is that most of our countries have local resources, investing them in the HIV response is another matter. If we have made great impact on Governments in developed countries, so they have invested in us, how difficult would it be to try that in our own country? There’s no time to be wasted.

To summarize, this is a world day of action, and undoubtedly a day to celebrate. It is not enough to commemorate, we need to celebrate all those fights won and tied. We need to celebrate those that are still standing to fight for an HIV-free generation.

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