So Many of You Have Pride!

  • June 25, 2012
  • News



This week’s Gay Pride March even drew the love of Mother Nature.  She gave us the most perfect weather in which to demonstrate our support in Fighting for A World Without a Trace of HIV.  On June 24th, AFAI’s group of fighters had a great time passing on the word about the life saving work we’ve done in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as around the world.  Our float reflected AFAI’s commitment to fight the stigma and discrimination through advocacy, education, social reform and access to treatment.

About a dozen of our team wore tee shirts which were hand-made and were designed to display the work that we do in Advocacy, Education, Prevention and our signature life-saving Medicine Recycling program.  The rest of our group who wore them, had been given beautiful, unique tee shirts designed by Denise Flasz.  We got our party on early with DJ Dimitris spinning the music and all this was captured photographically by Steve Y. Gardner.

The March began at noon at 38th Street where our team gathered before we wound our way down Fifth Avenue to Greenwich and Christopher Streets with Cyndi Lauper installed as this year’s Grand Marshall!  We eventually arrived at route’s end where we were exhausted and also exuberant thanks to all of you.  We know you feel the same.