Shifting Gears!!  And So … We Walk For A World Without A Trace Of HIV

  • April 25, 2012
  • News


We are now less than a month away from AIDS WALK NY 2012 and, hard as it is to believe, now is the time to start campaigning in full force. So, REGISTER HERE NOW and LET EVERYBODY KNOW that we must ALL get involved in one way or another!!
This year, the AID FOR AIDS team has seen a consistent increase of new team members and donations but we still need YOU to sign up and help us! It is your support that will make the difference and help us surpass our 2012 fundraising goal.

Call, text, tweet, email and share on Facebook that you are part of this hugely important event.  Any effort will make a huge difference!
Show how much you care by spreading the word about the importance of these funds in enabling AFAI to continue its great work, not only in New York, but worldwide! 

You know what we do and so you know that by helping raise funds over the next 4 weeks, you will literally be giving the gift of life. 

We are all part of this family, and thus, we are all part of the legacy that AID FOR AIDS leaves day by day.  Let’s work together … for a world without a trace of HIV.