Sexual practices that DO NOT transmit hiv

  • February 12, 2016
  • News

NosetransIn spite of the hiv knowledge and the years it has been around, it is still common to hear people saying that hiv is “contagious” or that there are people at the movies who threaten “to infect you with aids” by using a needle. There are uncountable myths like the ones we just mentioned and for that reason is important to be informed and to know which are the real ways in which hiv can be transmitted.

Now you will be presented with a list of 5 sexual practices that do not transmit hiv.

Oral sex without condom

There are certain sexually transmitted infections that can be transmitted through oral sex; however, hiv is not easily transmitted by oral sex. What we recommend is that if you are going to perform oral sex, avoid ejaculating in the other person’s mouth and do not swallow semen. In the same manner, if you or your partner have mouth sores like those that are consequence of tooth extraction or gum infections, better use condoms. Overall, if you are somebody that uses condoms for oral sex, keep using it and you will be protected from other STI.

Golder Shower

Urine is not able to transmit hiv. If you are into the famous Golden Shower, there’s nothing to worry about, you can even drink somebody else’s urine. Also, it is important to mention that hiv cannot be transmitted by sharing the bathroom with somebody with hiv.

Protected anal sex with somebody with hiv

Nowadays, there are still people who do not want to have sex with somebody with hiv; however you must know that if a person with hiv is under treatment, the possibility of transmitting hiv is very, very low. And if on top of that you use a condom, then there’s a near zero possibility of transmission.

Body licking

Sweat cannot transmit hiv either. If you want to completely “devour” someone else, there is no risk of transmission, it doesn’t matter if the person just finished a workout session and is soaked in sweat.


Anus-to-lip contact implies no risk due to the fact that there is no fluid contact. Even if there was fecal matter in the area, there’s no problem because this does not contain the virus. What you need to be careful with is hepatitis A, since it can be easily transmitted through this route.

Finally, remember that the only fluids that can transmit hiv are semen and blood. Once you know this, you know how to protect yourself.