How to get your medicines from here to there


Drop off or mail
your unused medicines

Package up your unused, unexpired HIV medicines and either drop them in one of our boxes located around the country or mail them to our main office. AID FOR AIDS accepts sealed and unsealed containers of unused medicines. To get a list of medicines that we accept, click here.

For our mailing address, and the addresses of our drop-off boxes, click here.


collects the medicines

Once AID FOR AIDS has received your donation, our staff of volunteers and pharmacists go to work preparing shipments for people with HIV and AIDS in over 43 countries. We work with doctors to create the best treatment plan for each individual beneficiary and to guarantee a sustainable supply of their medicines.


AID FOR AIDS distributes
medicines to our beneficiaries

AID FOR AIDS takes your unused medications and distributes them to people who are unable to afford or access life-saving treatment in developing countries. People like Jesús, Adanela, and Melvin from Panamá, the real beneficiaries in the AID FOR AIDS advertising campaign!
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