Ready to Walk??

Click on the map the see it larger.

As Sunday May 20th fast approaches, we are still moving full steam ahead with fundraising for AIDS WALK 2012 and we hope you are getting a great response from your friends and family who are supporting you for the Walk.  No less important, however, is to have the details as to where and when we’ll meet.  So pay special attention to this info:

Our team will gather in Central Park at 9AM to start the Walk at 10 AM sharp.  All teams will be arranged alphabetically so walk down to the “A” teams area.  To see the exact location please refer to the map above.

To enter the park, please head to 59th and 5th Avenue (entrance across from the Apple store) and follow the crowd.  If you get lost on the day of the event and you can’t find our table, please don’t freak! Text 718-664-3098 for directions.  (To see Route Map or the Venue Maps click here.

Last but not least, breakfast will be provided for all of you who won’t have a chance to grab a bite before the Walk.
Thank you all and see you this Sunday!!