AID FOR AIDS (AFA)-Peru has been in operation since 1999 and was given legal entity status in 2000. We would like to especially thank Ernesto Pimentel for offering us a physical space and the necessary support during the beginning stages of our work in Peru.

AFA started out as an access to treatment program for people with HIV and AIDS, and later began to develop other programs that range from education and prevention to advocacy on behalf of people affected by HIV.

As time has passed, the institutional growth of the organization from its central headquarters in New York has created departments and programs based on the needs of local communities, which has grown into a collaborative effort to reduce the impact of HIV and AIDS in Peru.

Programs of AFA Perú

Access To Treatment Program

This program donates antiretroviral medications for treating HIV and AIDS. We currently provide latest generation treatment in order to support people who, for a variety of different reasons, do not have access to adequate treatment in Peru. Likewise, we support the Peruvian government—through the National AIDS Program—with bulk donations of medicine that are not included the national protocol for purchases and acquisitions.

For more information about this program, please contact our offices in Peru.

Education Program

This program has developed to include a number of diverse areas such as education, training, and providing information needed by the target population served. The main foundation of this program is based on lifeskills training. The program has worked with boys, girls, teenagers, young people, the LGBTI community, people with HIV, health providers, and the general population.

Finally, our work in education has grown to include counseling, group and individual education for people with HIV and AIDS, training for friends and family in the area of antiretroviral treatment, adherence, nutrition, self-care, personal growth, workforce reinsertion, stigma and discrimination, advoacy and social change.

Department Of Advocacy

Also known as promotion and public defense, this department started out with the objective of identifying, building, and strengthening skills for people with HIV in order to develop and defend a unified agenda in response to the epidemic in Peru. Today, we have opened our opportunities for forming alliances with other local organizations, including communities at risk of HIV, for the ultimate goal of obtaining an AIDS-free generation.

Our key areas of focus include: collaborating with allies, political and proactive dialogue with key activists, strengthening and training in activism for social change, raising public consciousness; all of this in cooperation with organizations and groups of women, young people, and the LGBTI community.

Departament Of Social Services

Program of Support and Recreation for Boys and Girls living with and living around HIV and AIDS. Through this program we ensure that children with HIV and AIDS who are beneficiaries of our organization are able to enjoy pleasant, recreational, leisurely, and educational moments, sharing and spending time together, creating an environment of family and friends, and in this way, improving their quality of life. We also carry out special events for the Children’s Day (Día del Niño) and Christmas parties.

Main Accomplishments

  1. We donated over $500,000 in antiretroviral medication and delivered 600 bottles of medicine
  2. 3,582 people—including beneficiaries, family members, close friends, and the general population (women, men and young people)—educated in the prevention of HIV, AIDS, STIs, human rights, and other related themes; through workshops, mass information campaigns, for example World AIDS Day on December 1st, and talks for workers in private companies.
  3. We also have a presence and representatives on roundtables and decisión-making spaces at the regional and national level

Our Allies

AID FOR AIDS – Peru is an active member in RED SIDA PERU, and currently we are part of the Board of Directors.

In addition, we work in strategic alliances with other local organizations such as INMENSA, IMPACTA, and other organizations working with populations at risk for HIV (ie, young people, women, trans women, MSM, etc), and we include the theme of access to health treatment as a human right.

We are a founding member of the Grupo Impulsor de Vigiliancia de Abastecimiento de ARVs (GIVAR), which oversees access to quality and universal treatment in the country.

AFA also represents NGOs as part of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, as National Multisector Coordinators in Health (CONAMUSA / MCP – Peru).

It is also important to note our working relationship with government and bilateral cooperating agencies. ONUSIDA, PNUD, UNFPA, Alliance International and HIVOS have all been and continue to be some of our best partners in financial and technical support.

Staff and Contact Info

Administrative Office

Avenida Ignacio Merino # 1855 – Oficina 303 Lince – Lima 14
Telefax: (001) 511.265.4513

Board Of Directors

President: Jesus Aguais, Legal Representative of AID FOR AIDS INTERNATIONAL
Secretary: Teresa Ayala de Rojas


Coordinator of Access to Treatment Program and Assistant

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