Paraguay – citizens demand comprehensive sex education

sex-education_2433736bFor years it has been postponed the implementation of a public policy on comprehensive education for children and adolescents, which can prevent the infringement of the rights constantly suffered by this population.

In Paraguay, according to an epidemiological report of PRONASIDA in 2013, near 6.71% of HIV cases are among adolescents aged 15 to 19. For years, it has been postponed the implementation of a public policy that helps build a responsible generation free of HIV.

Three years ago, in 2012 the Ministry of Education and Culture of Paraguay rejected the proposal to integrate in the school curriculum a project called “Educational Framework of Comprehensive Sex Education”. Due to this rejection, the Ministry of Education and Culture impeded thousands of children and adolescents to receive information for the prevention of HIV and STIs.

Recently, in Asunción a march took place, with the motto “my body, my territory, neither use it nor abuse it!”  This march was carried out to make visible the violence against children and adolescents, and it mobilized representatives of social organizations, international organizations, as well as to the real protagonists: children and adolescents.

There are also allegations of violation of the rights of girls, it is estimated that around two children per day are sexually abused and it is presumed that they are forced to continue with a forced pregnancy. Many of these cases could be avoided with the implementation of a policy on comprehensive sex education based on the recognition of the right to information and education of children and adolescents, which would contribute to reduce the rate of HIV among these groups.

Civil society organizations expect to continue putting pressure through protests, sit-ins and claims to make the State comply with the obligations stablished in the Paraguayan Constitution.

A far State is concerned about the future of its children!