AID FOR AIDS Panama, a local office of AID FOR AIDS International, has had a presence in the country since 2006, thanks to the support of the State of Panama through the Office of the First Lady, which has been one of the main sources of governmental support for the work we do. Since our arrival in Panama, AID FOR AIDS has been providing services through the administrative headquarters in Clayton. In 2007, AFA Panama inaugurated the first Center for Comprehensive Attention for Boys, Girls, and Adolescents with HIV or AIDS in Latin America through the Children’s Hospital. Since that time, we have implemented a number of programs focused on reducing the pandemic through empowerment and the development of capacities in order to improve the quality of life for some of the most vulnerable groups affected by the virus.

Programs of AFA Panamá

Primary Prevention Program “How Much Do You Know ?

“¿Cuánto Sabes?” (How Much Do You Know?) offers clear, correct, and current information to young people, health professionals, people with HIV and their family members, and to the general public. At the same time, it incorporates information on life skills—as determined by the World Health Organization—and promotes the erradication of stigma and discrimination towards people with HIV or AIDS. All of this is accomplished using neurolinguistic programming techniques. Through incorporating knowledge and skills in their daily lives, people become empowered with basic education in order to achieve a better quality of life and to appreciate the importance of leading healthy lifestyles.

Access To Treatment Program

This program provides antiretroviral treatment to people with HIV or AIDS who would otherwise not have access to such treatment, especially to latest-generation medicines that are not available in Panama. Thanks to this program, people with HIV or AIDS whose bodies are resistant to treatment regimens offered by the Ministry of Health and the Office of Social Security can have access to alternative types of life-saving antiretroviral treatments. Currently, we donate medication to 30 beneficiaries in Panama on a monthly basis, saving the State more than $500,000 in medicine annually.

Comprehensive Attention Program For Boys, Girls, And Adolescents With Hiv Or Aids

The objective of this one-of-a-kind program in Panama is to offer guidance and emotional, social, and psycho-pedagogical support to boys, girls, and adolescents with HIV or AIDS and their family members. The program also offers tools to empower boys, girls, and adolescents regarding their lives and their health from an early age, to strengthen their adherence to medical treatment, and to reinforce their academic activities. All of this carried out by the Center for Comprehensive Attention to Boys, Girls, and Adolescents with HIV or AIDS, located inside of the Children’s Hospital since 2007.


Programa Atención Integral a Niños, niñas, adolescentes y adultos con Vih.
  • 4,350 adultos con Vih sensibilizados.
  • Talleres de adherencia y derechos humanos
  • 316 niños, niñas y adolescentes con Vih recibiendo apoyo psicológico, psicopedagógico y alimentación.Procedentes de todas las provincias y comarcas de la República de Panamá Programa ¿Cuánto Sabes?
  • 936 líderes comunitarios.
  • 225 jóvenes agentes multiplicadores.
  • 56,216 personas sensibilizadas
  •  En las provincias de Panamá, Chorrera, Colon, Chiriquí y la Comarca Guna Yala.
  • 118 niños y niñas de 3 años recibiendo apoyo pedagógico.  Comarca Guna Yala (Achutupu)

Our Allies

– ILVEM Panamá
– Fundación Sus Buenos Vecinos
– President of the Republic of Panama
– Office of the First Lady
– Universidad Interamericana de Panamá
– Students of the Universidad de Panamá and Universidad Latina
– Full Pizza
– Ministry of Social Development
– Niko’s Café
– Children’s Hospital
– ONUSIDA, Panamá- Costa Rica
– UNICEF Panamá
– UNFPA Panamá
– OEA Panamá
– United Nations Office of Information in Panamá
– New Prints
– Defensoría del Pueblo
– Edda Designs
– National HIV Program
– COPA Airlines
– Ponte en Algo
– Ducruet
– USMA – Oficina de Servicio Social Universitario
– Boutique Promises
– Kids Zone
– Make a Wish
– Laboratorios Hansent
– Parque Municipal Summit
– Instituto Smithsonian
– Producciones A A
– Abbott Laboratories
– TVN Media
– CLARO Panamá
– Periódico El Venezolano
– Periódico San Francisco
– Periódico Panamá Construye
– Revista Venezuela Gráfica
– Panamá Flyer
– Localiza Tu medico. com
– TVN Panamá
– Canal & Bay Tours
– Casa Bianca
– Air Panamá
– Compañía BEARCOM
– Domino’s Pizza
– Cervecería Nacional
– Distribuidora Green Lite
– Colgate Palmolive
– Action Marketing
– Aquacai
– Color Me Mine
– Fundación Telefónica
– Alcaldía de San Miguelito
– Junta Comunal de Parque Lefevre
– Colegio Real de Panamá
– Ministry of Public Works- Cinta Costera

Contact Information

Administrative Office

Address: Clayton, Calle Maritza Alabarca, Casa 1000A. Ciudad de Panamá.
Telephone: 317-1583?Fax: 317-1361

Centro Integral de Educación y Capacitación ¿Cuánto Sabes?  
Dirección: Clayton, Calle Maritza Alabarca, Edificio 1000B. Ciudad de Panamá
Teléfonos: 317-1583 / 317-1361

Centro Integral de Educación y Capacitación ¿Cuánto Sabes? 
Dirección: Comarca Guna Yala, Isla de Achutupu. Corregimiento de Aligandi

Center For Comprehensive Attention To Boys, Girls, And Adolescents With Hiv Or Aids

Hospital del Niño, Calle 34, Avenida Balboa, edificio de la  Consulta E
 Piso 1. Ciudad de Panamá.
Teléfono: 512-9834
/ 3903299
Board Of Directors:
Director/Legal Representative: Trina Maria Aguais
Executive Director / Treasurer: Clara Aguerrevere de Salvatierra

Other Board Members:
Directora/Vocal: Maria del Carmen Zuñiga Ureña
Directora/Vocal: Lastenia Cardoze de Arosemena
Vocal: Edda Maria Gonzalez Galvez

Our Staff

Trina María Aguais
Director of Latin America and the Caribbean

Roalmar Alviárez
General Coordinator

Mario Alexander Cruz
Project Coordinator


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Account Number: 03-02-01-055991-7
Account Type: Cuenta Corriente
Bank: Banco General
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