Panama – REDLACTRANS and the Global Fund

  • October 14, 2015
  • News

REDLACTRANSMembers of Red Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Personas Trans (REDLACTRANS) gathered in Panama City from 14 to 16 September to consolidate the proposal approved by the Global Fund and to further progress in the HIV response, stigma and discrimination.

Marcela Romero, Regional Coordinator of the network commented that “it is the first time that transgender partners will implement a proposal from the Global Fund (…) The first time, we had a good score, but it had to be reformulated, and when we did so, the Global Fund closed its doors; There was no money in Europe and our proposal wasn’t approved. Later on, we presented the proposal, but it was approved with a very large financial cut, the first proposal was for $ 12 million, currently it is for $ 2 million”.

The meeting was attended by representatives from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Panama and Belize, which were the countries that entered in the proposal to the Global Fund.

Coordinator of the REDLACTRANS said that the benefits of the project will be for all trans people who are part or not of the network: “I think that transgender organizations in all countries have to understand that networks work together with more organizations, but we all must have the same guidelines (…) In all countries a work plan should be built, and we can do it by working together with other transgender organizations in the region”.

Regarding the 90-90-09 goals, Marcela said that “she does not believe that they can be achieved”. She mentioned Argentina as an example, a country that has a universal access and plenty of egalitarian laws, but HIV still continues to rise. Topics such as poverty and labor inclusion are not mentioned, they only refer to the person with HIV, and that they receive their medication.

The human part and the inclusion as citizens is an essential part to eradicate the epidemic.

“I would say to my trans mates that together and organized, we will present a good proposal to the Global Fund, we will be able to influence the political spaces, to be at the decision-making tables, but I need to say that the State is responsible for the situation in terms of the trans population”, said Mrs. Marcela “We get killed, we go to a hospital and we don’t receive any care, we are excluded from the benefits that any other citizen has, and the truth is that governments don’t care about our rights”, said Marcela.