Panama – a song that teaches us not to discriminate

mundo no discriminaciónIn August this year, a group of musicians along with members of civil society organizations in Panama joined forces to launch a song with which they seek to raise awareness and reduce stigma and discrimination around HIV in Panama and Central America.

Some of the passages of the song say “… Generation zero, I want to change. A new world with a great heart. Generation zero, no more discrimination…”

In addition, the song calls for Panamanians to work together in order to build a more inclusive and respectful of country.

“With this first effort, and many more, we want to raise awareness, but above all, to motivate everyone, so we all can achieve a country free of stigma and discrimination” expressed Yamilka Pitre, a Panamanian singer.

Musical arrangements are by the Panamanian artist Jair Ruiz from Orquesta Café. Lyrics are by Saratiel Karrica and José González from PASMO Panama, and the Salvadoran singer, Rafael García.

About Generación Cero

Generación Cero is a social movement made up of people of all ages, organizations, institutions, associations, personalities and leaders, which aims at promoting a respectful dialogue at a social level on issues about stigma, marginalization and discrimination in general and communicate specific proposals to reduce discriminatory action in Panama and Central American. The movement seeks to eradicate stigma and discrimination, including discrimination by age, gender, poverty, wealth, sexual orientation, health status, appearance, by the type of work, among others.

Source: Boletín Asociación PASMO