• December 25, 2013
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OrnamentDuring the wintery holiday, at AID FOR AIDS, we reflect on our achievements and accomplishments from the past year. Today, I would like to take a moment to thank every single person like you who, in one way or another, has helped us to make of 2013 such a successful, productive and fulfilling year. Little actions make huge differences, and I am deeply convinced that the only way to change the course of the HIV epidemic is by working together as a big family.

In this time of prayer, reflection and joy, words are unable to express how thankful and happy I am with everything we have achieved together. I am so very proud for the amazing number of supporters, partners and allies that we can count on.
Every time I see a smile on the face of one of our beneficiaries or I read one letter sent to us by someone in Asia, Latin America, The Caribbean or Africa, it gives me the motivation to keep on this mission. Moments like those are the fuel that makes me, and all of the amazing people who work at AID FOR AIDS, wake up every morning to keep on fighting for the rights of people affected by HIV, to educate and train the members of the most vulnerable populations before this epidemic, to eradicate the stigma and discrimination faced by people with HIV, and to keep on empowering the population at large with our model of comprehensive prevention.
From the deepest of my heart I wish you and your family joy, happiness, health, love and all the best during this coming year.

Happy holidays.


Jesus Aguais