Our Own Woman of the Year

angelica jesus memAID FOR AIDS would like to proudly announce that our Board Member, Angélica Fuentes, was recently recognized as the most altruistic woman in Mexico in 2013 by “Quien” magazine. (To read the article click here) We feel incredibly lucky that such a selfless and dedicated person joined our family at AID FOR AIDS this past year.  Angélica, CEO of Grupo Omnilife-Chivas, for years has devoted herself to the empowerment of women and youth, two of the population groups most vulnerable to HIV and main focus of AID FOR AIDS’ work throughout the world.

Since she joined AID FOR AIDS in August of 2013, Angélica has dedicated much appreciated time and effort to AID FOR AIDS. She worked with the rest of the Board and our staff to ensure a successful night during My Hero Gala. In addition, Angelica’s involvement has helped AID FOR AIDS carry its mission to improve the quality of life of people with HIV and AIDS.

On the other hand, Angélica has also helped AID FOR AIDS make its mark in Mexico. With the support of Angélica, AID FOR AIDS hosted a successful dinner in Mexico City, which helped raise funds for the new AID FOR AIDS office in the country starting this year 2014. We are excited to continue working with Angelica through the upcoming year!