Our Drop-off Boxes are getting bigger every day!

dropboxjamaiceThrough our HIV Recycling Program we have sent HIV medication to over 18,000 people all over the world. Most of it is collected in different places in the United States, thanks to our Drop-off Boxes.

These Drop-off Boxes, located in different health centers, pharmacies, and the offices of different organizations among others, are the first step in our recycling process. If you have any unused and unexpired medication you can deposit them at any of our Drop-off locations. These medicines will then be processed by AID FOR AIDS and shipped to those in need around the world.

We want to highlight that recently one of our Drop-off boxes, located at the offices of ACQC in Jamaica, Queens, had to be replaced with a larger box due to the large number of donations received at this location.

This is a sign of the success of our program for collecting HIV medications and the commitment of our allied organizations that support the culture of recycling, which has been gradually increasing among the New York population.

We encourage everyone to donate their unused medications.

Click here to see our collection points.

Your unused medicine can save lives!