NYC Gay Pride Parade 2014



The time has come for the 2014 Gay Pride Week in New York City, and AID FOR AIDS couldn’t be more excited. The annual event is a terrific way for people to come out and show their support for the LGBT community – and have a great time doing it! It’s also a perfect opportunity for us, here at AFA, to spread our message and showcase our work, all while supporting one of the communities most affected by HIV. Our commitment to providing vital medication to those who lack access across the globe is stronger than ever; over 18,000 people in 43 countries have received HIV treatment from our programs to date.

AID FOR AIDS’ message for the upcoming celebration is simple: know your status. Living a healthy life means paying attention and taking care of your health – but most importantly, it means being yourself. In accordance with that idea, the theme this year is “Take Off the Mask,” which will be featured proudly on the top of our float. This slogan aims to reinforce the importance of getting tested and honoring your real self – whoever that may be. Ultimately, our goal is prevention, but don’t be fooled – prevention can be sexy.

In order to drive this message home, AFA is delighted to welcome NYC’s Adonis Lounge as our sponsor for this year’s parade. After all, our float wouldn’t be complete without a troupe of pumped-up Adonis dancers – whose talent and enthusiasm are one of a kind – or an incredible DJ who will keep our energy high throughout the day. We can’t wait to glide down 5th Avenue with this amazing team!

We would also like to invite all of our friends and supporters to join us in this enormous celebration of life and community. Come walk alongside the AFA float on Sunday, June 29th and be a part of the NYC Gay Pride Parade’s unrivaled energy. Masks and customized T-shirts will be given to those who join us!

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