NYC condoms illegally sold in Dominican Republic

nyc-condom-jpgAccording to a recent report, on the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, NYC condoms have been illegally sold. These condoms are free-distributed by the city of New York. This means that a group of speculators has been profiting from the work and effort that the city of New York makes each year to distribute condoms to different community groups. This program accounts for a cost of over $ 5.7 million each year.

These condoms, with its immutable image that reads “NYC”, are sold for $50 cents on the Caribbean beaches of Dominican Republic. The price is actually below the price of a local condom.

The well-known broadcaster Telemundo en Español headed to our man office in New York to know our opinion on this issue. Enrique Chavez, Director of Advocacy of AFA, said: “These condoms are donated by the Department of Health of the United States to organizations working in the field of HIV in New York. This can be perceived as some organization in New York is giving away condoms to individuals or organizations in other countries, which is leading to illegal profit. Furthermore, this also undermines the credibility of the organizations in other countries, in this case: Dominican Republic”.

The prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections is undoubtedly a task of all. However, the use of illegal acts where only money and personal benefit is involved instead of benefiting the community is an act that should be punished.

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