New York City Gay Pride Parade 2014

Gay PrideJust a few short weeks ago, AID FOR AIDS – along with hundreds of other non-profit organizations, corporate sponsors, and political campaigns – took to the streets of New York City in celebration of the 2014 Gay Pride Week. Not only was this year’s Pride March memorable for its spectacular floats, decked-out dancers, and all-around enthusiasm, it was also historically significant; this past June marked the 45th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots – a series of protests throughout the West Village that sparked the modern gay rights movement.

Among the thousands of DJs, dancers, and rainbow flags, you may have spotted the AID FOR AIDS’ team making its way down 5th Avenue, boasting a float full of spirited performers and banners with this year’s slogan – “Take Off the Mask.” With this slogan, we aimed to stress the importance of getting tested, knowing your status and honoring your real self – whoever that may be.

AID FOR AIDS would like to extend a special thank you to our 2014 Pride March sponsor – the Adonis Lounge in NYC. The unstoppable energy of the Adonis dancers and DJ on top of our float not only exemplified the joyousness of the event, but also AFA’s message that prevention can be sexy.

The Gay Pride March is hands-down one of AFA’s favorite events of the year – as it allows us to spread our message, expand public knowledge of our work, and demonstrate our endless support for the LGBT community. Over a million people came out this year to show their support as well, making the 2014 parade one of the best yet.

The day after the parade several people voluntarily came to our office to get tested. This reiterates that our awareness message is stronger than ever.

If you haven’t yet get tested, what are you waiting for? Stop by our office, we are waiting for you!

Check out pictures from this year’s Pride March here!