New therapies for HIV in a daily intake contain three medications

  • April 8, 2015
  • News

una pastillaSafety, efficacy and adherence are the main factors that ensure the success of an antiretroviral therapy in a person with HIV. To secure them, there are new trends that offer therapeutic solutions to the pathology and reinforce the quality of life of people with HIV.

According to Dr. Carlos Álvarez, President of Asociación Colombiana de Infectología (Colombian Association of infectology) the benefit of antiretroviral treatment is determined by an appropriate involvement of the patient with the treatment.

According to the World Health Organization there are approximately 35 million people with HIV worldwide and the HIV prevalence is less than 1% in the population at large.

“To make sure that the therapy is working properly, it is important to be easy to take. In addition, people with HIV must follow carefully their doctor’s advice”, said Dr. Álvarez.

Among the new anti-retroviral treatments, therapeutic alternatives are new medications that have a lower frequency of adverse effects. In this way, risks generated by the use of anti-retroviral drugs are less improving significantly the quality of life of people with HIV.

Today, thanks to scientific advances in the field of drugs, the trend is to take the medication once a day. A single pill contains three medications.

“If they are more tolerable and if the frequency of intake per day is less, it will improve the quality of life of a person with HIV,” said Dr. Álvarez.

Ultimately, antiretroviral therapies have evolved to enable people with HIV enjoy their life to the fullness.