Miss Universe graduated from the Cuanto Sabes de VIH y Sida? How much do you know about HIV and AIDS

  • April 3, 2010
  • News

On Thursday March 25th, Stefania Fernandez, the current Miss Universe, graduated from the Cuanto Sabes de VIH y Sida? (How much do you know about HIV and AIDS?) training held at AID FOR AIDS International’s New York Headquarters. The training helped walk Stefania through the most important aspects of HIV and AIDS transmission, stigma and discrimination reducing tactics, and Neuro-linguistic programming. The training helped to introduce Stefania to the tough questions she would face as she traveled throughout the world promoting HIV and AIDS awareness and testing. Since completing the program, Stefania has learned more tools with which to speak about HIV prevention using the Cuantos Sabes program, the work that AID FOR AIDS International does, and to speak with youth world-wide about the epidemic. Miss Universe travels to the Dominican Republic in Early May to visit AFAI’s office there and to promote the primary prevention model. This is the first of a series of trips that she will be taking with AID FOR AIDS International to educate youth about HIV and AIDS.
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