Mexico – Sex, Power and Money Forum and human trafficking

  • April 17, 2015
  • News

sexo poder y dinerpOn March 18th the “Foro Sexo, Poder y Dinero (Sex, Power and Money Forum) was developed within the framework of the program of the University for studies of gender of the National Autonomous University of Mexico with the participation of international researchers with a critical view on anti-trafficking laws.

During the event topics such as girls and women trafficking in different regions of the world were discussed. For instance, Shah Sveti, Researcher at the Harvard University in the United States, has documented since 1996 how social differences affect directly the policies and programs aimed at the sex trade in India.

On the other hand, Kerwin Kaye, of the Wesleyan University of Connecticut presented a research developed in San Francisco, with youngsters from 16 to 19 years old, who have escaped from their houses because of the rejection of being homosexual and they sustain themselves through sex work. “The feminist abolitionist speech reproduces the sexist speech of the innocent woman in danger who must be saved, which in turn reproduces the ideas that sexual honor must be safeguarded and that women are not subjects. In the same way, the needs of real people are left apart, which ignores young men and transgender people”, said Mr. Kaye.

Regarding Latin America, René Leyva, Researcher at the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico, explained that they have developed a project in the border region in the South of Mexico with the objective of improving the access of Mexican and Central American sex workers to health services.

A positive point for women was presented by Sealing Cheng of the University of China in Hong Kong, who showed how the legislation of South Korea went from protecting the chastity of women to protect women that the market needs, with all opportunities to make them productive on the condition of not selling sex. This legislation has helped to significantly reduce sex trafficking.

Finally, during the event topics such the importance of realizing that human trafficking and sex work are hand in hand with the migration was stressed, which means that public policy must respond and support this complex reality.