Medical Equipment worth about $80,000 was shipped to Haiti

  • March 29, 2010
  • News

AID FOR AIDS International is proud to announce that on Wednesday the last of a large shipment of medical equipment worth about $80,000 was shipped to Haiti via the Dominican Republic. These medical supplies consist of a large range of items, from wheel chairs to band-aids. They were collected with the help of the Ambulatory Surgical Center of Union County. For the most part the medical supplies were donated by concerned citizens in order to benefit the earthquake victims in Haiti. AID FOR AIDS International would like to thank all those who donated, as well as the dedicated staff of the Surgical Center, for their concern and commitment. 

Working with United Health Care for the Dominican Republic, AFAI has secured shipment for these valuable medical supplies and they will reach the Dominican Republic within 30 days, from where they can go to benefit those who need them. AFAI continues to work with Housing Works to provide medicine to their clinics in Haiti. We look forward to continuing to support the people of Haiti.