June 6, 2019: We have news for you!


Letter from the Executive Director

As always, our hearts are with Venezuela whether it is bringing infant formula to Venezuelan babies currently facing staggering levels of infant malnutrition and infant mortality or through our innovative set-up of a crisis relief initiative that led us to become the largest source of antiretrovirals to people with HIV as well as other life-saving medicines for conditions including malaria. Click here to read more.


At AID FOR AIDS, our efforts to prevent infant malnutrition in Venezuela have led us to open a sister organization, AID FOR LIFE International, born with the purpose of expanding our support for vulnerable populations to include malnourished babies and individuals with other chronic illnesses besides HIV. Click here to read more.

AID FOR AIDS’ work in New York City

For three years, AID FOR AIDS has received a grant from the New York City Council under the Ending the Epidemic Initiative. This has allowed us to conduct more than 100 HIV tests since January 2019. Click here to read more.

AFA launches new campaign “Every Pill Counts” 

Earlier this year, AFA launched a new promotional campaign for our HIV Medicine Recycling Program titled “Every Pill Counts.”

The “Every Pill Counts” campaign presents testimonials from people with HIV who call on others “not to flush” their unused, unexpired HIV medicine because this medicine can be “donated and save lives” around the globe. Click here to read more.

AID FOR AIDS’ response to the crisis in Venezuela

Since 2016, we have dedicated a large part of our efforts to responding to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. Thanks to strategic alliances with UNAIDS, PAHO, ViiV Healthcare, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Gilead Sciences, and the Venezuelan Network of Positive People, we significantly reduced the impact of the shortage of HIV and malaria medicine in Venezuela in 2018. Click here to read more.

AID FOR AIDS expands its reach and help Venezuelans LatAm

Since the start of 2019, we have expanded AID FOR AIDS’ response to the health and humanitarian crisis and the regional migration crisis it has caused. We have done this by procuring and distributing medication to Venezuelan migrants with HIV in Colombia and Ecuador. Click here to read more.