Mariana Iacono: “… It’s vital to mainstream HIV on the agenda of feminism…”

mujer vihRecently was held the 2nd Latin American meeting of women (ELLA 2015) in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The event counted with the participation of a wide variety of women from 21 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Among the attendees is Mariana Iácono, youth activist for the rights of people with HIV, who is part of the organizing committee.

According to Mariana, the aim of this conference is that women gather and create a common agenda where all participants contribute from their own experiences. This is the main idea of this event; the participation and exchange of ideas of women from different societies, cultures, ages, economic situations and many other characteristics.

“We hope that attendees are involved in work, projects, share calendars and much more. A positive result is that we have achieved participation of activists with HIV, with a work table and debate from the women themselves and their needs. It is important the inclusion of HIV on the agenda of feminism in relation to issues such as culture, race, art, sexual rights and reproductive rights, violence”, said Mariana.

The topics covered during the event were mixed. Among them is HIV, the decriminalization of abortion, stigma and discrimination, sex work, human trafficking, race, culture, violence, sexual diversity, among others. In addition, the meeting was described as innovative, since there is a single issue: it is not common that all debate around a single topic, but different topics are discussed such as diversity, culture and territory, and beginning from this discussions a lot of other issues arise.

“That all people involved achieve a coordination and develop a common agenda for women, one who makes them much stronger, for me this is the biggest challenge of this meeting”, said Mariana again.