LOVE LIFE: The Search for Young Entrepreneurs

  • August 6, 2009
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Who Are We: AID FOR AIDS International (AFAI) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization committed to empowering people living with
HIV and AIDS in the developing world through access to treatment, knowledge and social reform. To date, AFAI has:

• Redistributed over $50 million dollars of HIV medication to developing countries;
• Monitored more than 5,000 individuals living with HIV and AIDS in 32 countries;
• Connected more than 3,100 immigrants to social services in New York;
• Reached more than 1,200,000 teenagers per year in 8 countries with HIV prevention education; and
• Conducted social surveillance in 18 countries that received support from The Global Fund in Latin America and the Caribbean.

What Are We Searching For: A new generation of socially conscious individuals, whose passion, creativity, and way of thinking can
make great strides in the fight against HIV and AIDS across the globe. We want to find the next generation of social entrepreneurs
and use their passion and creativity to change the way that fundraising works.

How Are We Going To Find It: We’ve created the LoveLife search as a competition to find the most promising young social
entrepreneurs. If you are between 16 and 25 years old, and think you’ve got some good ideas, Get involved:

• Competitors raise money and awareness to support people living with HIV and AIDS in developing countries.
• Successful competitors will pass through different stages and win prizes as they go.
• Success will be defined by three things: Fundraising, Networking and Creativity.
• Competitors who make it to the final stage of the competition will have raised the most money, have added the most
people to their teams, and will be eligible to submit their creative development proposal to AID FOR AIDS International.
• Finalists’ development plans will be considered by the AFAI team and the winner will be selected!

How Will the Winner Enact Change on a Global Scale:

The winner of the competition will have reached the largest number
of people, and have developed the most successful fundraising model, in terms of money, outreach and awareness. This winner will be
honored at our annual Gala event as a “Youth Hero.” The winner will also receive a paid internship in New York City or one
of our five satellite offices in Latin America with AFAI in the summer of 2010. The “Youth Hero” will have the opportunity
to expand their work during this summer into a full development campaign supporting people living with HIV and AIDS
with a seed budget of $25,000.

LoveLife is looking for the next generation of social entrepreneurs.
We are looking for you.

How can what you love in life, give life to someone else?
Fight against indifference. Use love to fight HIV and AIDS. Love life.


Social change comes from individuals committed to re-thinking the way things work. AID FOR AIDS International was founded
on re-thinking the way the world works to help make it a better place.
We started out by re-thinking the way expensive medication was wasted, and developed the world’s largest medicine
recycling program. We re-thought the way that governments and pharmaceutical companies distribute medication and
enabled large-scale donations of life-saving medicine.

Now we’re looking for the next generation to change the way that fundraising works. We want new ideas for how to spread
awareness and use love for life to combat the HIV and AIDS pandemic. That’s why we created LoveLife:
The Search for Young Social Entrepreneurs.