Knowing the TRP of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria

  • April 12, 2015
  • News

Global-FundThe Technical Review Panel (TRP) is a group of international experts in the three diseases and cross-cutting topics, such as health systems issues, which meets to review proposals based on technical criteria, and also makes financial recommendations to the Executive Committee of the Global Fund. The TRP considers that the approach of financing incentives is not working. On the one hand, countries do not have equitable access to financing, the processes are very complex and generate excessive expectations in the countries.

Regarding the methodology of allocation of funds for the Global Fund, according to the Technical Review Panel, it has failed to allocate resources to the most-needed countries and those more effective and priority interventions, at the same time that priority is given to sustainable investment.

Similarly, the Technical Review Panel is working with the Global Fund to mitigate some inconsistencies in the model and the allocation of resources, but in the long term, the challenge is to align applications and reviews with the new strategy of the Fund.

The Technical Review Panel has highlighted the importance of increasing the coverage of services in new applications, but was also alarmed by the possibility that in the future resources will fail to sustain these efforts.

Many delegations, donors and implementers have been very critical in this meeting, since they are rather concerned with the Panel capacity, the inclusion diverse technical criteria such as gender and human rights, and its lack of clarity about the extent of their role.

Even though many times we do not agree with the decision of the TRP, we must understand that this is an essential global fund mechanism. It is a completely independent structure based on technical criteria, evidence and the merit of the received proposals, focus on improving their financing.