Keeping The Faith In Nigeria

  • November 17, 2011
  • News

AID FOR AIDS International’s AIDS Treatment Access Program (ATAP) is responding to an urgent request from a major charitable organization in Nigeria for 213 bottles of antiretroviral medication.
The request comes from the Faith Alive Foundation, which operates a hospital offering daily inpatient and outpatient treatment to 500 people living with HIV or AIDS. In addition, the foundation runs a number of satellite health clinics throughout the Nigerian countryside. 
The bulk medicine shipment, valued at more than $116,000, is the second large order filled by ATAP within the past six weeks. In early October, ATAP shipped 50 bottles of ARV medication to Ibis HIVOS, a Global Fund recipient in Bolivia.
“We’ve worked with Faith Alive for some time, but this is the largest shipment we’ve been asked to send to Nigeria,” says Eduardo Hernandez, coordinator of ATAP.  “We’re very pleased to help meet the growing need for ARV therapy in West Africa. And, speaking just from an AID FOR AIDS perspective, it says a lot about the maturation of our redistribution operation that we can now respond to these kinds of high-volume requests.”