INTERNS IN FOCUS: Manuela Beeck scores an A with AID FOR AIDS International

  • August 2, 2011
  • News


At AID FOR AIDS International, interns play a crucial role. This summer, we have had the great pleasure of working with several talented student volunteers, all of whom have been performing their jobs with considerable skill and dedication.
One of those volunteers, Manuela Beeck, finished her summer stint at AFAI last week, and we want to thank her for her substantial contribution to the organization. Manuela’s strong language skills were of great help in our Development and Communications department by helping us develop content in English and Spanish as well as translating documents, articles and letters. Her support at our NY office has been key to ongoing and future campaigns.
“We’re really going to miss Manuela, as a colleague and a friend,” says Eduardo Guzman, AFAI Programs and Development Manager, who oversaw her work this summer. “I was particularly impressed with Manuela’s ability to walk into our office and immediately acclimate to our 15 year-old organizational culture. She was right at home here from the very beginning.”
Manuela, who is studying business at Georgetown University, says what most impressed her about AFAI is its ability to “get things done.” 
“They’re a relatively small organization, but they function, in the best sense, like a large corporation,” she explains. “They do it largely through partnering; internally, the staff does a great job of working in teams to complete projects, and they’ve managed to create a web of alliances with other nonprofits and corporate partners that maximizes their impact in the community. I’ve very much enjoyed being part of this effort.”