Interns in Focus: Daphnie Louissaint

  • August 31, 2012
  • News

As the summer comes to a close, so does our great experience working with the intern squad that joined AID FOR AIDS International (AFAI) this season. And so, we want to bring special recognition to one of our most resilient and committed interns, Daphne Louissaint.

At AFAI we pride ourselves on doing a lot with very limited resources. The great impact of the work of our team, however, would not be possible if we didn’t have the key support of young professionals who join the AID FOR AIDS team as interns. These interns bring a fresh perspective to the way we do things but most importantly, AFAI encourages them to leave a legacy. Working in support of our HIV Medicine Recycling Program this summer, Daphne Louissaint did just that, and we are certainly sad to see her go but thank her for the amazing contribution of her wonderful work and commitment.

“Daphne was super responsible and over the course of her internship she demonstrated a true commitment to getting things done. I was quite impressed with the results of our HIV Medicine Drive, a project that she led by herself,” said her supervisor, Liliana Velasquez.

Daphne also had some very kind words to say to our team:

“I really liked the way AFAI welcomes new individuals into their organization. As an intern, AFAI treated me like family and made me feel comfortable while working in a new environment. I also enjoyed working in the recycling department because I was able to learn more about HIV medications and how they work to improve the quality of life. More so, I like the fact that AFAI gave me the challenge of being a leader for their nationwide HIV Medicine Drive. AFAI has allowed me to gain more confidence in myself as a leader. Furthermore, one thing I tremendously enjoyed was being able to utilize and learn new public health skills in a real-life setting.”

As we say goodbye to Daphne, the AFAI team will remember a quiet young professional who came here to get things done and by doing so, she left a big mark.