Goodbye, Michael

  • September 21, 2011
  • News

image While it is admittedly a small sample, the quality of this summer’s crop of AID FOR AIDS interns gives us reason to believe that America’s colleges and universities can still turn out highly-educated, gifted and dedicated young professionals.
Last week, we reluctantly said goodbye to our last 2011 intern, Michael Zingman, who will be returning to his pre-med studies at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. We want to thank Michael for making a very substantial contribution to our organization in a very short time.

During his stay at AFAI, Michael brought his knowledge and skills in the area of social media and database management to bear upon our medication recycling program and fundraising activities. Like his fellow interns, Michael immediately fit right into our organizational culture, shifting smoothly among various projects and pitching in wherever, and whenever, he was needed.
“Michael doesn’t make a lot of noise or go out of his way to try to impress people with his talent and intellect,” says Eduardo Guzman, AFAI programs and development manager, who supervised Michael this summer. “He just shows up and does high-quality work. And, when he does speak up, he’s saying something that’s going to benefit the organization.”
Michael says that working at AFAI helped him develop his skills on numerous social media tools, and taught him a great deal about various HIV medications, which will certainly be useful in his future career.

But what most impressed and inspired Michael was the passion and dedication of the individual staff members at AFAI. “They are so excited about the work they do, and they derive so much satisfaction from it…it was great being around people who are devoting their lives to a great cause.”
We have no doubt that Michael will bring that same excitement and devotion to the medical profession, and we wish him the very best in his future endeavors.