Honduras – Modification of Law against Discrimination

  • September 18, 2015
  • News

codigo penalRecently, it became known the news about the intended reform of the article 321 of the Criminal Code of Honduras. This threatens to eliminate the reference to sexual diversity that since two years ago ensures the violation of the Human Rights of people to be punished by law.

In the year 2013, Honduras achieved the reform of the Criminal Code, the article 321 punished acts of discrimination that unlawfully obstruct the exercise of individual and collective rights based on sex, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, partisan activism or political opinion, marital status, race, language, nationality, religion, family affiliation, economic or social condition, different abilities or disabilities, health, physical appearance or any other act that violates the human dignity of the victim.

Only two years have gone by after this change. Now, the Honduran Government has initiated a process to carry out general changes to the code, which will modify the only item that mentions the Human Rights of the LGBT community, people with HIV and other minorities.

“We ask international Human Rights organizations to monitor, put pressure and influence, so that the powers of the State of Honduras does not diminish the guardianship due to discrimination referred to in articles 321 and 321-A of the current Criminal Code and that hate crime is categorized as a crime against humanity”, reads a statement issued by the Organization Cattrachas.

Discrimination seems widespread, 6 out of 10 people with HIV have lost or do not have a job because of their diagnosis. In addition to diagnosis, we must consider that Honduras has high rates of violence and discrimination towards the LGBT community.

“Many young people with HIV suffer from discrimination, even more so if we have a sexual orientation different from the accepted socially. As young people, I don’t feel that the Government has taken the responsibility to meet our basic needs”, said Cesar.

Organizations involved in the defense of Human Rights call for their peers and the international community, to be vigilant against this attempt at reform in the code. Deleting the mention of gender, sexual orientation and gender identity would be a setback for the protection of the human rights of the LGBT population.

Source: http://www.corresponsalesclave.org/2015/09/honduras-en-alerta-por-discriminacion.html