Honduras – Honduran CCM youth

  • February 3, 2016
  • News

honduras lazosIn Honduras, the young industry has had uninterrupted representation in the MCP for several years, which has been key, since in other countries the youth participation is little or zero in such a structure.

Youth participation is key to the hiv response and to achieve the 90-90-90 goals, especially if we take into account that in Honduras, 67% of new infections occur in young people, and within this group are most affected men who have sex with men, transgender, and sex workers, as well as adolescents.

The involvement of the young sector in the MCP is vital to implement in the agenda, actions that ensure comprehensive care and break legal barriers that limit access to young people in Honduras.

It should be noted that organizations such as Go young and The Pact carried out a workshop in February last year, with the purpose of making incidence and to include, within the concept note, strategic lines that address the issue of hiv in young people. The workshop managed to identify some challenges faced and actions to be carried out. For example, it was defined as urgent, to collect and analyze existing information on youth and hiv conducted between 2012 and 2015, in addition to a study based on the gaps found in the analysis of the current problems of the youth and hiv.

According to some impressions, collected from young people involved both in the workshop and in the election of the representatives, the concept note approved by the Global Fund was not shared with them, who was working the plan to include some important actions.

Some of them, were also absent from the new process of election of the representatives of the sector. Which left a bad taste in the decision-taking process of a vital representation of the country where 50% of the Honduran population is young.

During the elections, on January 8, young people and major groups working on the hiv response had a significant participation. However, the presence of peers who work or represent people with hiv and the LGBT community was absent.

Young people involved in these processes agreed to support to the representative of the sector and other representatives of civil society (sex workers, trans, MSM and people with hiv) so there is stronger and greater transparency on issues of youth in the MCP and general in civil society.

Source: http://www.corresponsalesclave.org/2016/01/jovenes-en-el-mcp-hondureno.html