Go For a Walk With Us!

  • April 2, 2014
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We want you to go on a journey with us! The 2014 AIDS WALK New York is approaching and we want your help in making sure it’s the greatest yet! Join our team by clicking HERE

Here at AID FOR AIDS we like to take the long view. It might seem like reaching an AIDS free generation is an unreachable goal, but we know it is simply one that will take time and effort. As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You can take that first step TODAY by joining our team and by walking with us on May 18th at the 2014 AIDS WALK New York. Your support to the AID FOR AIDS team will lead to Francisco 13, in Honduras, getting the HIV meds that allow him to live a normal and healthy life, or to Ren Nannan, in China and the pills that allowed her baby girl to be born without a trace of the virus, or to Uganda, where Deus receives his monthly shipment of meds knowing that they mean he has another healthy month ahead, or to Luis, right here in New York City, who has access to housing, medical care and social services thanks to the NYIAL program at AFA, or food through programs at GMHC. It can lead to thousands of lives through the 40 local organizations that will receive funding from this year’s AIDS WALK New York.

So… Take part in the journey to get involved and join team 0067 AID FOR AIDS.

When you make your way to the end of the AIDS Walk you are just beginning that journey. The journey will continue as the money raised helps ship medication all over the world, and as it helps offer programs in developing countries in Latin America and in NY, and as the renewed attention allows AIDS FOR AIDS to reach even more people in need of the services provided. That is our finish line, and that is where we hope you’ll go with us.

We’re going out for a Walk, will you come with us?

To join the AID FOR AIDS team and to donate to this fantastic effort, click here