Global Fund’s LAC Delegation activities report

  • September 9, 2014
  • News


The delegation of Latin America and the Caribbean on the Board of the Global Fund (LAC delegation), led by Dr. Mirta Roses, published a report on the latest achievements in the last period representing the Governments of the region of the Board.

The most significant achievements of the LAC delegation during this period are:

a. Presidency in the implementer block manager

b. Appointment of Dr. Roses as a member of the Strategy Investment and Impact Committee

c. Participation in the negotiation process for the extension of the deadline for the submission of regional programs

d. Participation in the proposal of best indicators of eligibility in charge of the implementers block Manager

e. Negotiations for the achievement of a forum for risk management in Latin America and the Caribbean

f. Release of license for GENEXPERT for Cuba, which was delayed for more than one year.

Similarly, in March of this year, the delegation also participated in the 31st meeting of the Board which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, where they managed to approve important instruments such as the allocation of resources, after the successful mobilization of resources for the Fund at the meeting of replenishment by approximately 12 billion dollars for a 3-year cycle.

In addition, the delegation participated in two training workshops about new funding model, organized by the regional team of the Global Fund, in Quito, Ecuador, in which Observatorio Latino of AID FOR AIDS also participated, and in Kingston, Jamaica, in English. The latter continued with a special high level symposium which was attended by the presence of the Executive Director of the Global Fund, dignitaries and Ministers of the Caribbean.

At the end of this month, Dr. Roses will again meet with the Ministers of health in the Board of Directors of the PAHO-WHO, in which the delegation report will be presented.
On the other hand, it is planned to strategically link different processes with regional governmental mechanisms, such as MERCOSUR, UNASUR, ALBA, among others, in order to achieve wider discussions.

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