Director of AFA Peru travels to Geneva for UNAIDS Conference

  • August 23, 2013
  • News

Teresa Ayala

Last month, the Director of AID FOR AIDS Peru traveled to Geneva, Switzerland as a representative of Peruvian civil society to attend a conference organized by UNAIDS (the Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS) titled, “Strengthening Access to High-Quality Technical Support for Countries in a Changing Environment.”

Teresa Ayala, who apart from serving as the Director of AFA Peru, is one of the most active civil society members in the region. At the conference she spoke about aspects of technical support from cooperating agencies that are and are not working. Her presentation during the conference created a space for a positive exchange of experiences to occur, in which participants discussed important themes related to the role of civil society and technical support provided to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“One of the things that made me feel good about participating in the conference was when Luiz Loures, Director of the Executive Office of UNAIDS, approached me and said, ‘The revolution has been a good one.’ This made me remember every movement AID FOR AIDS has been a part of at the international level, advocating on behalf of civil society, for the rights of people with HIV, and for access to antiretroviral treatment in Latin America and the Caribbean.” Teresa further commented, “These are the things that make us feel satisfied. They’re the accomplishments that fill us with pride as an organization.”

This latest meeting of civil society and UNAIDS helped to reinforce previously obtained commitments, and AID FOR AIDS and civil society members alike were able to express their continued commitment to the cause.

Our Director of AFA Peru represents a shining example for the voices of thousands of people who are fighting for equal rights for all day by day. We are so proud to have had one of our own representing our organization and the work we do in front of an international delegation of people committed to our common cause to end HIV and AIDS.

Thank you for your commitment, Teresa!