“Cuanto Sabes de VIH y Sida?” by AID FOR AIDS

  • April 5, 2012
  • News


Starting in April, our Spanish speaking friends will be able to easily learn more about HIV and AIDS through our website, Facebook and Twitter!

As our program of HIV preventive education, “Cuánto sabes de VIH y Sida?” (“How much do you know about HIV and AIDS?”) continues expanding through countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, we want to share its life-saving concepts, information and unique methodology to an even wider audience.

“Cuanto Sabes?” is a primary HIV prevention program for adolescents and youth based on a peer education model, where young people are trained to promote healthy lifestyles among their peers, classmates, friends, families and their communities. This program contributes to creating a culture of prevention of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) as well as teenage pregnancy. It consists of a Primary Prevention Program in HIV targeting children, adolescents and young people.

Making use of digital media, our team will be disseminating prevention messages and general knowledge about HIV and AIDS through which our Spanish speaking audience will have the opportunity to get vital information about prevention, update their knowledge about HIV, and obtain key facts and figures to better protect their own health and that of their closed ones.

We invite everybody to spread the life-saving information we will be posting and updating daily. Keep in mind that, as more people pass this information, we will make a greater contribution to reducing the spread of HIV and AIDS and to promoting concrete preventive actions.

To take a sneak peak, click on this link: cuanto sabes facts

Thanks to the support of the Elton John AIDS Foundation and many other local partners, “Cuanto Sabes?” currently operates in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Panama and Venezuela. Since its creation, it has also been implemented in Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru and Mexico.