Companies joined together to eliminate hiv-related stigma and discrimination

  • December 14, 2015
  • News

hiv iberoIn the framework of events of world AIDS day took place the first Ibero-American meeting of initiatives with companies in the hiv response, the purpose of the event is to engage the private sector in the hiv response and contribute to the Fast Track strategy to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

The platform of initiatives that started in 2009 involves 8 countries and more than 50 companies, its main goals are: to erradicate discrimination against people with hiv in the business field, to implement prevention and training strategies and to increase employability of people with hiv.

In the event that took place on November 30 and was organized by the Mexico Vivo foundation participated the director of UNAIDS for Latin America,  Dr. Cesar Núñez, the general director of the national center for hiv/aids control and prevention,  Dr. Patricia Uribe Zúñiza and other guests  from health, human rights and health institutions, corporate sector and civil society organizations.

Since its launch, the initiative has reached more than 113 thousand employees and every company has committed to eliminate any barrier to employment faced by people with hiv. Ten companies have already established, policies, rules and guidelines to manage hiv cases.

“Workplace is one of the places where people spend most of their time, therefore it is a place where you can contribute to create a culture of respect for diversity and human rights. We live in times of hate and intolerance, hence we need to reinforce necessary changes to have not only an AIDS-free generation but a generation free from prejudice, ignorance and hate. We have to promote this culture of positive valuation of differences”, said Dr. Patricia Uribe.

During the event the work of 10 Mexican companies was acknowledged with level 3 of commitment to hiv response, among them  Banamex, Bayer, Jumex and Louis Vuitton.